Friday, March 9, 2012

The Shakes

When I started working out I was reading a couple of blogs were women lost a good amount of weight. They talked about protein shakes. Oh no, I thought, those are gross. The thought of slim fast out those metal cans with the crazy aftertaste entered my mind. Yuck! Could never do it! After my workout one day I stopped and talked to the gym owner. She said she started doing Herbalife shakes to take off some baby weight. I took the card and catalog she had. The next week went to the store and they made me a sample. It was good! Like a milk shake! So two weeks ago I started eating the shakes for breakfast and lunch during the week. It keeps me from eating junk during the day. Plus I get to go in once a week for a check up. In the last two weeks I have lost 2.8 lbs and 6.75 inches. 3 of those inches are from my waist! Getting there slowly but surely. This is me at the RS Luau on March 8th 2012. To me my legs look thinner. With spring around the corner I cleaned out my closet. Tried everything on if it was to big it came out. No more just in case jeans. Felt so good to get rid of it.

Nick had his Ag Soils final last night. So glad for the last 8 weeks to be over. Not having him home 4 nights a week was hard. He got an A in the class!!! So proud of him. Not every man can do what he does. He is the love of my life! This week he has spring break and the weather is going to be great. Planning on getting lots done outside. Starting a garden, cleaning, and brush hogging. Oh and working on the new dune buggy! Nick wants to drive it every day when its nice to save gas. I am excited to have a fun date night convertible. Ready for a good week! Mason is going to ride in the LS Snake Saturday parade with Neena and Pa Pa for the  KC Jeep Club. Can't wait to get pictures of him!

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