Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Small Things

Friday Nick went with me grocery shopping. I wasn't out of breath from bringing the groceries in the house. On Saturday we went to the RV Show with my parents. We were walking through all the campers  and I was feeling good even after a few hours with Porter attached to me. On our long walk back to the car I noticed that I still felt great not tired or out of breath. I had plenty of energy and air to chase Mason. We went to out to dinner after the show. I was able to eat be satisfied and control my portion. It was liberating. I didn't want to eat the whole thing! I am able to crawl on the floor and let Mason ride on my back without feeling exhausted. Sleep comes easily. I haven't been doing this for very long but I can already see the results in my day to day life. How could I ever let myself be out of shape again?! Gym routine for today- 15 mins of arm strength training, 30 min = 2.15 miles on the elliptical, and 20 mins yoga. I love yoga! I can feel myself get stronger and more flexible every time. It is wonderful. We bought Mason his first bike. It is a little big, but he can touch the petals. He is in love with it. I am excited for him to ride it when we go on walks. Mama will be able to keep up. The Temple Run is going to be May 19th this year. 5k going to try to jog it! Got a little over 4 months to get there!

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