Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is it. The picture that made me realize I needed to change. I can't live like this. Christmas 2011. I don't want to look like this in my boys childhood memories. What memories would they have with a out of shape mom?! My life is on track. Two amazing sons, a wonderful husband, country life, and spiritually fit. Too bad through those things I wasn't thinking about my health. After Porter I finally noticed that I wasn't as strong as I had been. Out breath easily. Couldn't lift things that I had in the past. Little things like getting up off the floor after playing with Mason was difficult.
January 13th 2011 I started going to the gym and counting calories. Thanks to myfitnesspal and anytime fitness. Cut my calorie intake to 1350 a day. It was hard the first week I always felt hungry. Went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. 20 mins cardio- treadmill or elliptical. 20 mins yoga or pilates. 1 day of strength training. From the 13th to the 27th I went from 255 lbs to 242. 12lbs lost! Success to fuel the next 2 weeks.
The long term goal is 160lbs. It will be a journey.

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